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Generator Service Agreement


Stahl Electric LLC, is now offering a 3-year or 5-year service agreement for your air-cooled generator.    The contract will begin on the first scheduled maintenance and end on the fourth year or sixth year.   The service provided is listed below.


Cost is $120.00 per year and will be billed after yearly maintenance and service is completed.  After the first four years a new contract can be renegotiated. Payment is due after the first maintenance is completed.


 Services Provided:


As may be applicable to owner’s specific kw rated generator, Stahl Electric LLC agrees to provide some or all of the following services on an annual or semiannual visit.  Date of first service to be determined by both parties.


  1. Change all filters (oil, fuel, and air) annually.

  2. Change lubricating oil.

  3. Replace spark plugs every year.

  4. Check air inlets and outlets for debris. Clean as necessary.

  5. Adjust valve clearance if needed.

  6. Check and add battery fluid (replacement batteries are not included in contract)

  7. Spray engine linkages with light oil such as WD-40.

  8. Check voltage and frequency produced by generator and adjust to proper settings.

  9. Check operation of transfer switch.

  10. Operate generator under load for ten minutes and check voltage and frequency.

  11. Confirm owner’s ability to operate transfer switch and generator correctly, and, if necessary, offer limited instruction on these points.

  12. Provide report to Member of any condition that may require additional service from Stahl Electric that may fall under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  13. Maintenance records of all work and service work completed on unit.







               JAN 2015




    All parts and filter will be GENERAC brand and approved for your unit.


    If generator runs for over 200 hours in one year, you will need to contact Stahl Electric so we can adjust the date of next schedule maintenance to assure your unit is properly maintained and ready for next outage.


    During the time of scheduled maintenance someone will need to be home so we can check operation of transfer switch, Stahl Electric LLC will contact homeowner a few days in advance of coordinate scheduling.


    We are highly recommending this yearly contract for several reasons, the most being your manufacturer’s warranty is only good for three years and with a set of eyes inspecting this yearly we can detect a possible problem and get the most out of your warranty, saving you from high repair cost.  As factory trained technicians we stand by our work and will assure when the time does come when you need the generator it will start and transfer properly, if not Stahl Electric LLC will make that emergency trouble call and get your unit running, before you have flooding or freezing damage,  or just need the comforts of electric.



          Any questions or comments please contact Stahl Electric LLC at 419-288-2885.




    Please return page 3 of this contract.



    1222 CALDWELL RD

    BRADNER, OH  43406 
















    JAN 2015




1222 CALDWELL RD, BRADNER, Ohio 43406

(419) 288-2885   fax (419) 288-6024   cell (419)575-2795

OH LIC 45921


Generator Service Agreement

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